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Special Prize for the necklace: ‘Love Letter' in the International Baltic Jewellery Show 2009
Theme: 'FOR YOU'

Maria Fitzherbert at 27, was twice married and widowed before she met George, Prince of Wales, then aged 22, in 1784. He became quickly besotted with her. As a devout Roman Catholic, Maria refused to become Prince George's mistress. But as heir to the throne, the prince could not marry a Roman Catholic and retain his right to become king. Despite such an obvious obstacle, the Prince did marry Maria, but in secret. Remaining together until 1794, it became necessary for the Prince to marry Caroline of Brunswick, a Protestant Princess, partly to keep his father happy who helped relieve him of his extravagant debts and to gain relief from his creditors.

Despite his marriage to Caroline Maria and the Prince continued to see one another. He never loved Caroline and his heart was always with Maria. He wrote her impassionate letters. From 1799-1801 the Prince and Maria were re-united, living together in Brighton. They finally parted for good in 1809; Maria continuing to live mainly in Brighton much respected by society and members of the Royal family.
The Prince never forgot what Maria had meant to him, and had her portrait round his neck when he died.

This story of Maria and her secret love affair inspired me for making a ‘love-letter pendant’ for her. This way she can keep George’s passionate love-letters and his sweet longings close to her heart as a secret little treasure.

Maria Fitzherbert 1756 - 1837