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New Traditional
Jewellery 2008

The necklace: ‘Lover’s Eyes' was nominated for the
New Traditional Jewellery Award 2008.

Eye portraits are considered to have their genesis in the late 18th Century when the Prince of Wales wanted to exchange a token of love with the Catholic widow Maria Fitzherbert.
The court denounced the romance as unacceptable, though a court miniaturist developed the idea of painting the eye and the surrounding facial region as a way of keeping anonymity. Maria’s eye portrait was worn by George under his lapel in a locket as a memento of her love. This was the catalyst that began the popularity of lover’s eyes.

For most, the Victorian period is still a by-word for sexual repression. Therefore there was much attention for mysterious and intimate jewels at that time. Wearing the picture of a loved one over the heart was one of the most powerful symbols of affection between people. A brooch with the eye of a loved one was entirely appropriate at that time, especially if the lover has to remain secret. One could cherish the loved one without giving away his or her identity.

The idea of cherishing something tangible from your loved one and to carry that with you wherever you go, inspired me in making this pendant with love letters.

Inspiration: Brooch Ca. 1800
gold, painting on ivory